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The fast and easy solution for all of your U.S. passport needs. Los Angeles Passport service center is can process your passport in as little as one day. Our range of services has the passport solution specific to your needs.

Apply for a First-Time U.S. Passport Card

American Passport Agency & VISA service center is First-Time Passport Card service provides a convenient and inexpensive way to meet entry requirements when you visit the countries of Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, or Mexico. This option is only available if you choose to travel by means other than air transport.

Obtain a First-time U.S. Passport

American Passport Agency & VISA service center is First-Time Passport service is appropriate if you have never applied for a passport or your passport expired more than 5 years ago. You must be 16 years of age or older to apply for a First-Time Passport.

Office fees for US Passport!  Same day $ 249.95 Next day $ 199.95 -3 Business day $149.95   5-10 Business day $ 129.95

Need Passport Photos?  Now only $7.99



Acquire or Renew a Second U.S. Passport

Holding a second passport is beneficial if you experience successive international trips. Los Angeles Passport service center is Second Passport service can obtain a second passport on your behalf. You will be able to keep one passport with you as you travel, while the second remains at your home or office to be processed for your next trip. can also renew an existing second passport that is set to expire.

Renew your U.S. Passport

Los Angeles Passport service center is Passport Renewal service allows you to renew your valid passport prior to expiration or renew a passport that has expired less than 5 years ago. If the expiration date is greater than 5 years old, you must apply for a First-Time passport. The passport must have been obtained after the age of 16.

Replace a Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport

In the event that your U.S. passport is lost or stolen, Los Angeles Passport service center is Lost or Stolen Passport service can process a limited passport book replacement on your behalf. A limited passport book replacement is valid for 5 years or less from the date of issuance.

Add Additional Pages to Your U.S. Passport

Most countries require at least one blank page for their visa stamp. Los Angeles Passport service center is Additional Pages service can help you if your passport is still valid, but your pages are filled with stamps due to frequent travel.